Passion makes the difference

The Taipan brand has stood for unusual silver jewelry for many years. Even though we have already established ourselves on the market, the meaning of our name is still foreign to many customers. Why exactly was the Asian-sounding brand name chosen when we offer Italian silver and gold jewelry with visionary designs? To explain this, we have to go back to 2009. At that time, the Taipan brand was launched by me, Alexander Amorin. This year I completed an internship abroad in Hong Kong, which was part of my business law studies. On site in Hong Kong, I worked in a company located in the “Hung Hom” jewelry district. Impressed and inspired by the lively business and personal contacts, I decided to launch the Taipan brand after my return to Germany.

But how exactly does this story relate to our brand? To be clear, the name Taipan comes from Cantonese. This is the Chinese dialect spoken in Hong Kong. Translated, Taipan means “ top class ” or “ big shot ”. At the time when Hong Kong was still a British colony, the foreign heads of British trading houses were called Taipan.

The term Tai-Pan, also Taipan, was originally used to describe a foreign entrepreneur in China
or Hong Kong in the nineteenth and early twentieth 

century to describe. In colloquial Cantonese it is now used in a more general sense 
used for business people of all backgrounds. 
Its literal meaning is "top class", comparable to the English slang term "big shot".

Source: Wikipedia

However, the name was not a new discovery for me that I only came across during my internship in Hong Kong. The term inspired me as a child in the late 80s when I watched the series “Noble House” with Pierce Brosnan in the lead role with my father. Pierce Brosnan plays exactly the role of a Taipan in this series. For me, the series was very inspiring as it represents an apt combination of tradition and the challenges of the business world.

At this point we would like to give everyone who is interested a series tip. Click here to go directly to the series on Amazon.

However, the trip was not my first time in Hong Kong during my studies. Even during my first trip in the early 2000s, I was impressed by the mentality with which the local people go about their daily tasks and business. In this regard, I developed an increasingly strong bond with the tiger state of Hong Kong, which is why I later returned to the region with my family and became a Taipan myself as a foreign manager of a trading company.

What exactly does the Asian brand name imply?

For many customers, Asian brands automatically represent mass production, poor working conditions and poor quality. In the many years I spent in Asia, I too had to experience more often than not that this prejudice is not just a simple untruth. It is not without reason that China is known as the world's workbench and suffers from a reputation for inferior quality. However, this does not entirely apply to the jewelry industry.
The Jewelry District in Hong Kong stands for high-quality handcraft and well-known brands. This makes it the home of many exclusive jewelry items. This makes the Jewelry District one of the most important places in the jewelry industry, whose products adorn shop windows around the world and represent pure exclusivity. It is obvious that such quality goods are not associated with the many cheap pieces of jewelry from China.
However, due to the negative image of Asian products and the geographical distance, I decided not to produce in Asia. Due to my extensive contacts in the jewelry industry (I started my first self-employment in 2002), I was quickly able to convince business partners in Italy of my project and thus have access to a professional production team. Today, all of the Taipan brand jewelry still comes from Italy. As a team, we attach great importance to fair remuneration for our employees as well as healthy working conditions for the production of silver and gold jewelry.
Our openness to new areas and target groups also makes the Taipan brand a good choice for business partners from the jewelry, media and music industries and allows us to achieve new goals when it comes to gold and silver jewelry.

Our values ​​and attitudes

• Fairness - towards our employees, customers and business partners

• Quality - of our products and services

• Pride & Honor - to be part of a traditional industry and to enjoy the trust of customers and partners.

The term honor in particular is used almost excessively in youth culture today. For me and the entire team, however, this does not mean that such central properties should be foregone. In the jewelry industry, deals are still concluded with a handshake. An impeccable reputation is therefore essential in order to remain part of this traditional industry.

On this basis, we present ourselves with a broad framework of values, which allows us to combine the business acumen from Hong Kong with the morals of the European jewelry industry and German thoroughness. Paired with Italian style, we offer the optimal combination for an unmistakable look and individual pieces of jewelry. In our view, pride and honor are not worthless concepts, but rather an important measure of reliability in a changing time. Buying jewelry is a matter of trust, especially if you sell your products exclusively online like we do.

A look into our future plans

In 2021 we would like to further internationalize our offering. This increases our awareness in North America and especially in Asia. Our Asian brand name is intended to help us convince local big names of the value of our gold and silver jewelry. This is how we combine centuries of tradition with original Italian flair. The “Made in Italy” label stands for design and quality worldwide and is particularly popular in Asia.

In this regard, we look forward to continuing to share our values ​​with our many customers and partners in the coming years. For us, jewelry is much more than just a business. There is a story and many hours of work in every piece of jewelry, which we are happy to pass on to our interested customers. This makes our jewelry the best choice for more Italian diversity in everyday life.

As the owner, I am looking forward to ensuring the further development of the Taipan brand in the coming years. Reliability and tradition will continue to be our top priority for many years to come, which means we protect our attitudes and values. This is exactly what the name Taipan stands for, which went from a simple name to a true calling for me and the team. The aim is to offer our customers only the best with every product.

To my person:
Many people know me from our social media channels such as Instagram or from one of our YouTube videos. May I introduce myself, Alexander Amorin, simply Alex for short. I have been active in the jewelry industry for 18 years, with interruptions for a bachelor's degree in business law at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and a master's degree in business and strategic management at the ESERP Business School in Spain.

I have been fascinated with jewelry since my youth. I bought my first silver plate necklace when I was 16 years old. My first gold necklace was a Figaro necklace, which I received as a gift when I was 17. I love jewelry and have turned my passion into a career. I usually work seven days a week, which is only possible because I love my job. It's not without reason that our motto is "Passion makes the difference".

~Alexander Amorin~