Kordelkette - der neue Dauerbrenner?

Cord necklace - the new long-running favorite?

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The cord necklace – the timeless, long-running favorite in the jewelry world

In the fashion world there are trends that come and go, but there are also pieces of jewelry that are timeless and always remain on trend. The silver cord necklace is a perfect example of this. Today we would like to introduce you to this long-running favorite and show you why the silver cord necklace is a must-have in every jewelry collection.

The story of a timeless beauty

The cord necklace is not a new piece of jewelry - its origins go back to ancient times. Even back then, cord necklaces were worn as a sign of elegance and style. With their unique braided look, they give every outfit a special touch. Today, the cord necklace has evolved and has become a timeless classic that has become an indispensable part of the jewelry industry.

cord chain 3.5mm

A design for every taste

The versatility of the silver cord necklace is remarkable. From fine and delicate versions to eye-catching and robust designs - there is a cord necklace for every taste and occasion. Whether as a subtle accessory in everyday life or as an eye-catcher on festive occasions, the cord necklace adapts perfectly to any situation.

Easy to care for and long lasting

Another reason why the silver cord necklace is so popular is because of its ease of care and longevity. With the right care, the cord necklace will remain in its full splendor for years and will accompany you through different phases of your life.

Combine the cord chain

The silver cord necklace can be easily combined with other pieces of jewelry. For example, you can wear them with silver bracelets or silver rings to create a harmonious look. Let your creativity run wild and try out different combinations - the cord necklace will underline your individuality.

cord chain 3.2mm

The silver

We value sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes. Our cord necklaces are made from high quality silver. By purchasing a cord necklace from our range, you can be sure that your piece of jewelry was produced with responsibility and care.


The silver cord necklace is undoubtedly a timeless favorite in the jewelry world. Their elegant braided look, versatility, ease of care and sustainability make them a popular piece of jewelry for every occasion. Whether as a gift for a loved one or as a personal reward, the cord necklace will accompany you for many years and underline your beauty.


We offer our cord chain in different versions.

2.3mm variants 45cm/50cm/55cm/60cm
3.5mm variants 45cm/50cm/55cm/60cm/65cm/70cm
5mm variants 55cm/60cm/70cm
2.3mm gold plated 55cm

We invite you to discover our collection of timeless silver cord necklaces and find your perfect piece of jewelry.

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